Climbing walls range from simple straight walls to complex custom-designed units. Climbing walls help foster a strong adventure program at schools and universities. They are easily adapted to any facility. Walls can be placed directly on block walls or be crafted to fit almost any corner installed with minimal impact on any adjoining spaces. Racquetball courts are another perfect location that can be transformed into secured climbing spaces.

Walls can be constructed out of many different materials. Given a budget and program goals EVB will design and install the most effective wall for your organization. The options are endless, professional design options can be made for your organization to give you ideas.
Traverse Wall in EVB's Hometown Mainville, PA
Traverse walls are a viable choice for organizations whose space is limited. They are popular because of their ease of staffing and versatility. The walls eliminate the need for rope belay systems by only extending up to 12 feet high. Again many design options and installation materials are available. Imagine the look on the participant's faces as they traverse your wall. WOW!


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