EVB believes that proper training and workshops are crucial to developing a solid foundation in adventure learning. Training programs have been carefully designed by EVB to maximize the organization's time and money. Trainings help new programs succeed or give a lift to ailing programs. EVB understands the diversity of programs and customizes trainings to suit your needs.


EdVenture Builders is a cerifying body of the ACCT and can provide certification training and testing to help you document your experience gained to this point.  By keeping a portfolio you will intentionally track your experience, which may help open your options in relation to sharing yourself as a practitioner.

 Please select a topic from the list below for detailed information regarding the training sessions available:


May 18th-20th    High Ropes Training; Jonestown, PA

This training is designed for those with limited experience or who are looking to upgrade their foundational knowledge base of high ropes courses and climbing towers.  This is a 20 hour certification track training.  Candidates are well set up for certification testing which will be offered at the end of the training.  $350 per person.

May 20th             High Ropes Refresher Training

This training is designed as a refresher for those pursuing certification.  Training content will vary depending on those in attendance and skill levels present.  In a team oriented format, needs are assessed and EVB utilizes training drills, role plays and a hands on approach.  Topics include rescue processes, operating procedures and many others. $140 per person.

May 21st              Certification Testing

Candidates who are challenging in should send their updated portfolios to by May 12th.  This day will simply consist of testing with no refresher component.    Individual Certification Testing is $175 per person.

Certification Testing or  "Challenging In"

If you have been working in the experiential education field for a long time, have the required amount of training and program delivery hours and would like to pursue certification,   EVB is currently scheduling certification testing in the Harrisburg and Scranton/Wilkes Barre Region.  If interested in attending, please e-mail for details.  Portfolios are required for all certification candidates.


Teambuilding/ Low Ropes

This workshop gives participants a chance to learn and practice the technical skills and debriefing soft skills necessary for effective design and delivery of adventure based learning programs. Theory, set up, programming, sequencing, spotting and safety, facilitating and debriefing are covered.


High Ropes

This workshop is geared toward participants wanting to be able to safely run their own high ropes course. These workshops will include: theory, set up, programming, sequencing, safety systems, facilitating and debriefing. Participants should come willing to learn by doing.


Climbing Wall/Tower

This training instructs participants how to run a climbing wall or tower at their specific location. Theory, set up, programming, sequencing, safety systems, route setting, activities, debriefing. Open forum is used to accommodate all levels of participants.


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