Getting Started

EVB has put together some useful information to help navigate the challenge of acquiring your own adventure program. Let’s get started:

Questions to ask

  • What type of program will best accommodate our clients?
  • What can we realistically afford?
  • Does this type of program involve all our clients?
  • What physical constraints do we have? i.e. outdoor, indoor
  • How much time and commitment will be put toward this new program?
  • Are the staff all on board with this program?
  • What experience does your staff already posses in adventure training?
  • How will the Challenge Course likely be staffed?
  • What type of course will work best for us?
  • Are there specific elements that I would like?

EdVenture builders will provide all the necessary consulting to help get your adventure program started. Use this outline to help track your progress:

  1. Discuss your personal course needs and ideas with us by phone or in person. Our website will answer many initial questions.
  2. Site visit to evaluate area and discuss possibilities EVB encourages you to have as many staff as warranted to properly discuss course options. EVB does free site visits within 100 miles. Please call to schedule a visit.
  3. EVB develops recommended program.
  4. Complete design, engineering, professional sketches and proposal are constructed.
  5. Review proposal as recommended and discuss changes. Remember this is your challenge course, get involved!
  6. Enter into formal contract.
  7. Scheduling of timeline for project. We will discuss your needs and work with you. Please book early as certain times tend to get booked quickly.
  8. Installation begins. Equipment is ordered if requested. See estimated timelines in Q&A.
  9. Trainings are scheduled and carried out. We strongly encourage all new operators to do a minimum of 3 days . Trainings can be one of the hardest things to coordinate scheduling for all staff ... plan ahead.
  10. Long term operation, maintenance and inspection programs are discussed.
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