About Team EVB

Tony Draus M.Ed., ISA Certified Arborist

Tony is the owner of EdVenture Builders LLC., a full service challenge course company. He began his professional career in Experiential Education after earning a B.S. in Recreation and Park Management in 1991 and went back to school for a M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction after working in the field for many years. Early experiences working with Outward Bound Schools in North Carolina , Australia and Kenya excited Tony to strive to use experiential education as a way to provide others experiences to learn and grow. As a lifelong learner he traveled solo around the world for a year in a true experiential education fashion. Starting the Outdoor Adventure Program at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro and running the Quest and Corporate Institute at Bloomsburg University provided him experiences with many facets of experiential education as well as a wide range of clients. Launching EdVenture Builders in 2001 has created more personal experiences like finding balance between work /family and personal time. Running EdVenture Builders allows him the opportunity to enjoy a more holistic approach to experiential education. It challenges him to always look at the big picture and ask himself, how will this help people; every day, every moment!
When not at EVB, Tony is busy with other experiential adventures that is to say his wife Jessica and two wonderful daughters, Riley and Remme and two sons, Rainer and  Reuben. He has a strong passion for learning new life skills through both work and family.

Jessica Draus

Jessica brings her stregths of putting thoughts and ideas into words in strategic and future planning on the business level. She initiates internal discussion groups to help maximize the potential of staff members and gain insight into understanding someone else's perspective. Her continual investigation of the best practices in the organization create a data-based vision of what EVB is becoming.

Chris Draus MBA, R.Ph.

Chris brings a diverse background and refreshing flair to the experiential education field and EVB. As a practicing pharmacist, he has a much different perspective on the need for teamwork in the corporate world and has learned the power of adventure education firsthand. Earning an MBA with an emphasis in organizational behavior from Wake Forest University has captured Chris's attention in deciding to develop adventure education programs for his own company as well as creating novel enthusiasm in the field. Chris has enjoyed officially becoming part of the experiential education professional field as he has been involved in this arena for over 12 years.
If you can't get in touch with Chris, he is probably sharing a fine bottle of Bordeaux with his supportive wife Shannon. The newlyweds are enjoying their many new life's changes with their four-legged friend Mollie.

Rich Greene M.S.

Rich has worked in the adventure programing field for the past 9 years. He believes education is not only for the classroom, but can be enhanced through a variety of experiences. He hopes to help EVB establish and be part of a network of adventure programming professionals in our beautiful region of Pennsylvania.

Ryan Beishline

Ryan Beishline is one of EdVenture Builders key trainers. Ryan brings a valuable combination of education and expertise to the EVB. His academic knowledge, combined with hands-on experience as a leader and adventure consultant, enables Ryan to help people of all ages explore new ideas and meet challenges with confidence. As an avid mountain climber, fly-fisherman, skier, and outdoor enthusiast, Ryan's adventures have provided him unique insight into leadership, teamwork, and problem solving.
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