High Ropes Courses

The two major design possibilities with high ropes courses are either on existing trees or on utility poles erected specifically for the course. There are advantages for each and EVB will explain each option to you. High ropes courses are designed to help develop individual strengths such as:

  • Self-esteem
  • Confidence
  • Positive risk-taking
  • Confronting fears
  • Exceeding self- imposed limitations

The courses are amazingly powerful and can add great depth to any program. Tree courses provide an aesthetically simple, clean look. They keep congestion in mind and work well within minimal space. Tree courses are erected only when specific natural settings allow. Such settings provide a unique hidden feel for the participants that cannot be matched with a pole course. They weave through the treetops to affix a majestic feel. In addition, tree courses are substantially lower in price. This can be justified because the cost of setting utility poles is eliminated.

Pole courses have advantages as well. They can be erected exactly where the client wants and are not subject to physical or natural limitations, and they offer longevity and durability. Unlike tree courses, poles courses require less work to maintain. When budget and creativity are flowing, pole courses should be considered.

Here are some elements available:
  1. Bosunís Chairs
  2. Burma Bridge
  3. Cargo Net
  4. Citten Crawl
  5. Commitment Bridge
  6. Flying Squirrel
  7. Giantís Ladder
  8. Giant Swing
  9. Hebe Jebe
  10. Horizontal Log
  11. Horizontal Tires
  12. Hour Glass
  13. Incline Log
  14. Leap of Faith
  15. Mini Zip
  16. Multiline
  17. Postmanís Walk
  18. Slider
  19. Team Log
  20. Tire Traverse
  21. Vertical Playpen
  22. Zipline
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