Common Q&A

How long does it take to install a course?

Courses come in many different sizes and complexity.  On average a typical team building  course would take 3-5 days, high ropes course 5-7 days, climbing wall 3-4 weeks, climbing tower 2-3 weeks.  EVB will accommodate as best possible to keep facilities in working order as courses are being developed.


How can we prevent unauthorized use of courses?

All courses are provided with unauthorized access signs.  Team building courses are not usually an issue, but they can be installed to be portable.  High courses are all built at least 10-12’ from ground.  All entry equipment onto course can be locked down or locked away.  Climbing walls and towers can be outfitted with removable holds near bottom.  These holds can be taken down after each use.  Coverings of mats and/or boards can be used to secure climbing surfaces.

What are the long-term costs to consider after installation?

EVB suggests securing 15% of total installation costs to support yearly course budget.  We suggest yearly training for all support staff.  An annual safety inspection is required to adhere to ACCT standards and is strongly recommended by EVB.  General maintenance is needed to keep course safe.  Replacement of equipment and gear is needed regularly.

What guarantee do we get?
EdVenture builders LLC warranties all equipment, hardware and materials used in the installation of the challenge course for one year after installation.  Please keep in mind that EVB maintains the warranty on all work and equipment done only with normal use and standard installations.

Can we visit a site that EVB has recently designed and installed?

Definitely, we encourage you to get the most information you can before beginning the process.  We would be happy to refer you to a client of ours near you and arrange a visit to view their course.

Can I get insurance for this type of program?

Absolutely.  Go to your existing insurance carrier and explain that you are starting an adventure education program.  If you or they need additional help please feel free to contact us.  In addition, we can give the name of insurers that we know will be happy to help

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